Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Shame, No Fear and Forged In the Fire by Ann Turnbull

I've been debating posting these books, since I read them earlier this summer. The main plot is kind of predictable and although enjoyable not particularly noteworthy. But I am posting about them anyway because the subject and setting was fascinating. No Shame, No Fear is about a Quaker girl living in England in the seventeenth century and the persecution that came with being a Quaker at that time. I had no idea about the Quakers and I found reading about them fascinating. Their views were revolutionary. They believed in people being able to feel the Spirit without a paid clergy and that all people are equals despite social class, gender, or any other factor. Quite a radical concept for that time. The book sent me to Wikipedia and many other websites learning about them. The book Forged in the Fire is the sequel to No Shame No Fear and is about the same characters who move to London. The story itself wasn't as interesting to me as it was to read about the Plague and the Great Fire of London, that occured in the same year. I found both topics totally fascinating, learned a lot, and went online to read more.

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Emily S. said...

I just finished No Shame, No Fear. Like you said, kind of predictable but still enjoyable. I just like that time period. I will have to get the second book now.