Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspector Lynley Series by Elizabeth George

I love a good mystery novel. A good one. And I love a good mystery series even better. And I really got into this series. I picked up my first Inspector Lynley novel several years ago at my Mom's urging. And I have to confess, although I thoroughly enjoyed the books from the start, the writing has improved as Elizabeth George has continued her story of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sargent Barbara Havers. You may have seen this series televised (butchered, in my not so humble opinion) on PBS Mystery over the last few years. Some of the things I love best about these: they take me all over England, and I like the way she writes her mysteries. Much less contrived than some. The overarching storyline is as intriguing as each mystery. The last one, This Body Of Death, in my opinion is her best so far. It reminded me of Prime Suspect (I think maybe she based a character on Jane Tennyson). Anyway if you want some books to keep you hooked these are they. Not perfect, but enjoyable.


Maren said...

LOVE this series!

Chase said...

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Ann said...

If you like these books, go to a good public library and pick up the Inspector Lynley series on DVD done by Masterpiece Mystery. I don't know how true they are to the books, but Nathaniel Parker who plays Lynley is awesome.